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FS 600E Mola Filtre iin Toz zleme Ak alteri

rn Kodu: FS 600E

 These devices can be used for the early recognition of flow disturbances in the transport of powders, dust, pellets and granules. This can reliably prev-ent problems caused by blockages, an absence of material or system failures, for instance. The FlowSwitch 600E is used to monitor the flow of solids in pipelines, such as pneumatic conveyor systems or falling distances, from a few g/h to several t/h.


  • Uygulamalarda en doru lm.
  • Ayarlanabilir hassasiyet
  • lm aral  g/h den t/h 
  • borular, konveyrler, vidal konveyrler, silolar, v.b
  • Kompakt dizayn, kolay kurulum