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MTP 200ia-E SIL2-Interface/ -Signal Conditioners

Ürün Kodu: MTP 200ia-E

  • Universal measuring transmitter in DuoTec-Failsafe Technology with self-monitoring
  • Certified according to IEC 61508 SIL2
  • Input: Resistor and Pt100 with 2-, 3- and 4-wire switch all kind of thermo elements, current, voltage
  • Output: 0/4-20 mA, 1-5/0-10 VDC,
  • Galvanically separated between auxiliary energy, input and output
  • 4 individually adjustable limit values, 2 relays contact outputs,2 transistor output) and 1 collective alarm relay contact
  • Configuration: ON-LINE by MÜTEC-WINSMART software
  • RS 232-interface at the front
  • RS 485-interface at the edge of the measuring device
  • Auxiliary energy: 24VAC/DC
  • Form of construction: 19“, 4TE, 3HE


  • "iExa" Input Exia II (1) G, (Zone 0)