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Flowcom Kontrol Cihaz������������


rn Kodu: FLOWCOM


  • Air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygene, hydrogene, steam, water from permanently stored tables
  • Natural gas according to GERG 88 accepted by all major European natural-gas utilities
  • Other gases from user-defined compressibility tables
  • Gases according to Boyle Mariotte
  • Heat transfer media and refrigerants

Operating conditions:

  • Media: the technical relevant range is covered
  • Hardware 0°C – 50°C, optionally available 0°C – 65°C, noncondensing, IP 50, installation of switchboard, optionally available IP65

Certificates/ acceptances:

  • certified under 13th and 17th Federal Emission-Control Ordinances
  • manufactured according to EN ISO 900